Omega S-BRUSH Yellow Synthetic Shaving Brush S10018

The Omega S-Brush Synthetic Shaving Brush S10018 is your best choice to get a consistently high quality shave on the road. Made from a unique synthetic thermoplastic polyester, the tapered bristles hold up to daily use while providing a soft shave. Their corrugated design holds the lather until you’re done with it, and then dries out with a single shake so you can pack the brush for your next shave. The Omega S-Brush S10018 features a plastic handle that is easy to keep clean. Choose from four colors, red, blue, yellow and green.

Height: 105mm

Knot: 24mm

Loft: 51mm

About Omega:

OMEGA has been a leading brush maker since 1946, and is one of THE most famous brands out there. They are located in the beautiful city of Bologna in the North of Italy. OMEGA produce a complete range of high professional quality shaving brushes and gift sets, both in bristle, pure badger or synthetic fibers. OMEGA's great experience in manufacturing and their careful selection of raw materials result in consistently high-quality products which are renowned across the world! The OMEGA brand is recognized not only in Italy but all over the world, including countries in which a well-established and qualified domestic production still exists. Omega brushes are produced in Italy only. Beware of imitations.

Made in Italy