Naniwa Sharpening Stone Holder

The Naniwa Accessory Stone Holder ensures that you have a safe work environment while honing. With its thick, heavy-duty rubber bases, your sharpening stone and counter-top are firmly gripped, ensuring that the stone and holder stay in place. This stone holder features adjustment rivets, allowing you to adjust the clamp on the holder to the appropriate length of the stone you're using. The two parallel rods that the stone rests on are made of stainless steel, providing you with an ultra-durable stone holder at every level of its construction. Take the safe route with this Naniwa stone holder, and you'll whistle merrily while you work. To use: loosen nuts until stone fits securely inside the base. Slide end to tighten.

Length: 136-218 mm Width: 76 mm maximum

Made in Japan