Dovo Klipette Nose Hair Trimmer with Leather Case and Brush

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The DOVO Klipette etui contains the DOVO Klipette and a cleaning brush. Fast and gentle - your nose hair has no chance against the DOVO Klipette! With the high-quality leather case, you can take your face care essentials wherever you go!

The Dovo Klipette is a stainless-steel precision tool, compact easy to use tool that requires no batteries or electricity to operate. Simply rotate the end of the Klipette to Safely and painlessly remove unwanted hair from the nostril. The specialty crown shape of the tip keeps the blade fully enclosed and eliminates risk of injury.

How to Use:

Insert the cutting head of the Klipette with the thumb and index finger of one hand carefully. Rotate cylinder back and forth with your other hand in short rapid movements, and thus hair is cut cleanly without being pulled. Remove screw to detach the two cylinders to clean the cutting head with water or alcohol. Dry thoroughly and use light oil to lubricate. Store your Klipette in the plastic tube provided to protect the delicate cutting head.


-Klipette Nose Trimmer

-Cleaning Brush

-High Quality Leather Case

Made in Solingen, Germany