DMT Dia-Sharp Bench Stone 8"x3" Extra Coarse 220 Grit

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This 8 inch DiaSharp Extra Coarse 220 Grit Continuous Diamond is the ultimate diamond bench stone and is a highly useful tool for many tasks. The DMT® Store 8 Inch Dia-Sharp® Bench Stone is a precision flat, diamond surfaced sharpener guaranteed to provide consistent, even sharpening every time. This is the ultimate choice for bench sharpening, with a large, wider diamond surface to sharpen a variety of edges. Only monocrystalline diamond is used on the surface of these bench hones making the cutting action ultra fast yet consistent over any other Diamond Benchstone.

Note: This is the Hardcore version of the Coarse D8C and can flatten a Waterstone in seconds! So, when dealing with a hard stone or you just want to get it done in half the time take out this baby and go to town! I recommend that you smooth out the stone when done using this low Grit model. After your stone is flat use a slurry stone to smooth out the surface after, or use Wet/Dry sandpaper that is around 800 grit with water.  Don't forget to round off the sharp edges on your stone, this keeps your stones edges from breaking off and your delicate straight razor edge from chipping during honing.


Course: 220 Grit Value

Size: 8" x 3" x 0.375" (254 x 102 x 10mm)

Made in the U.S.A.