Derby Double Edge Blades Extra Super Stainless, 100 Blades

Derby blades are Chromium-ceramic-platinum-tungsten with polymer coated edges.

It’s impossible to underestimate the importance of quality and sharpness for a good blade and a good shave. Derby’s blades are the absolute best value on every factor important to a good razor blade: They beat out the competition in price, sharpness, longevity, smoothness of your shave and overall quality. These blades set the standard for the entire market.

These blades are designed to fit all Double Edge / Safety Razors (Shaving Factory, Merkur, Wilkinson, Edwin Jagger, Muhle, all common brands), so you can use them with everything. They are the ultimate in convenience. You’ll never need another blade again, and your face and your wallet will thank you.

They are made in Turkey, from high-quality stainless steel imported from Sweden.

1 packs of 100 Blades

Made In Turkey