The Goodfella's Smile

The Goodfella's Smile Syntesi Aluminum Double Edge Safety Razor

Entirely developed in anodized aluminum, the Syntesi safety razor features a black and silver finish. Without making any changes in the geometries compared to the original version of the steel razor, through the play between the different weights and materials, The Goodfellas’ smile has nevertheless managed to significantly modify the type of shave offered by the aluminum version of the razor, making it faster, more manageable and fun but also more technical during use.

The Syntesi aluminum safety razor can easily remove both daily and weekly beards but thanks to its particular shaving angle it is also perfect for the safe shaving of the head and sensitive areas such as armpits or other body parts.

Syntesi is 100% Made in Italy safety razor designed to be the most versatile ever built. An effective 45-degree shaving angle guides the hand to ensure an impeccable shaving feeling, the clean yet safe cut makes it a perfect product even for the most expert hand. The large drainage holes make the operation of removing trapped hairs extremely simple; a quick jet of water will be enough to completely remove the hair from the safety bar during shaving.

The locking and clamping of the shaving blade in the head are simple, intuitive and does not allow the user any margin of error during assembly. The handle of the Syntesi safety razor features a pre-installed nylon razor saver washer in the handle screw. This special housing locks the washer, preventing it from falling.

NB: If necessary, the washer can be removed by lifting it from its special housing and then reinserted.

Technical details:

Material: Aluminum
Coating: Black anodization for the plate | Silver anodization for handle and cap
Handle length: 80 mm
Total length: 87 mm
Head width: 43 mm
Head depth: 24 mm
Blade gap: 0.62 mm
Weight: 34 grams

Made in Italy