The Goodfella's Smile

The Goodfella's Smile Styletto Red Aluminum Double Edge Safety Razor

Welcome to the new era of safety razors made in Italy. Style and precision come together to create a razor that is gentle and efficient, suitable for both daily and weekly shaving.

The aesthetic refinement of the Styletto Aluminum, with its classic yet modern design, perfectly reflects the creativity and naturalness typical of Italian production. The stylistic perfection, the finish, the elegance of the grooves on the handle which are then taken up by the grooves on the head, create a satisfying and disruptive overall vision, but above all, functional to its purpose.

Styletto Aluminum is entirely developed, designed and produced in Italy and exclusively through the use of latest generation CNC machines. It has a gap of 0.55 with a slightly positive exposure.

The Styletto handle features a nylon washer pre-installed in the handle screw. This special feature locks the washer in place and prevents it from falling out. If necessary, the washer can be removed by lifting it out of its slot and then reinserted.

Material: Anodized aluminum
Colour: Silver – Sting Red
Handle length: 85mm
Handle diameter: 13mm
Total length of the razor: 3.66 inches / 9.3cm
Total weight: 1.3 oz / 36 grams

Made in Italy