Renaissance Wax 65ml

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Without question the best way to prevent oxidation on your Straight Razor or Knife. Renaissance Wax has been around since 1950 and is a completely neutral product that is not flammable and safe with any handle material made. Always the first choice for Ivory and Bone, as it is not absorbed like oil would be. Just rub some on with your finger then wipe off with a cloth. Once buffed off it will protect your Carbon Steel for as long as it is not removed. In other words, if you apply Renaissance Wax to your razor or knife and put it away for storage it is safe for years. If you use your razor on a daily basis you will need to re-coat it every so often. How often will be up to you, and how much you use your razor.

For everyday use we recommend our Straight Razor Oil and once every month or two give your razor a coating of Renaissance Wax to make extra sure it doesn't oxidize. Wood scales (Handles) are without question the biggest challenge to keep in like new condition, which is why we highly recommend Renaissance Wax for wood handles. Renaissance Wax has many different uses. Keep your reading glasses buffed with Renaissance Wax to prevent fingerprints, and they will also be fog free. The uses are limitless!

65 ml

Made England