Herold Solingen Strop Paste Red

The Red Paste (Iron Oxide Strop Paste) is less coarse, with a particle size of .3 microns, and should be worked into strops sharpening a somewhat dull edge. Please note that pure Iron Oxide is rated at 0.1 Micron which is extremely fine, which is what led me to research the actual micron rating of this product since 3 Micron sounded much too high. What I found out was that they could not guarantee the particle size and the worst case would be 3 micron grit rating. But after much testing with others in my industry we found that this paste performs more like Chromium Oxide with less mess. This is our go to abrasive and no razor leaves the Classic Edge without being stropped on Iron Oxide. If you are looking for one abrasive only this would be the choice.

Weight: 0.25 oz / 8g

Made in Germany