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3" English Bridle Chestnut Hanging Strop w/ D-Ring

Please note: Unlike other strops, these hanging strops do not need a break in period. They are ready to strop right out of the box!

For this hand-crafted strop, we have made no compromises in the selection of materials, and we have chosen only the best products available today, staying true to the traditions of yesterday.

The leather that we use is American top grade English Bridle. English Bridle is well established as the best choice for high end strops because of its ability to refresh a superb cutting edge. It also gives the best stropping experience available.

The fabric side of this strop is made from 100% cotton canvas, and it is the same thickness as the leather.

With a thickness of 1/8“ this fabric gives a firm, authentic and effective draw unlike some of the thinner and sometimes even synthetic materials found on other strops today.

We are proud to offer this strop which will allow you to experience the same shave that was a part of your ancestor’s daily lives.

Note: Leather is a natural material, and even top-grade American leather hides are not immune to their environment. Due to the nature of the product, blemishes or range marks often occur during the animals lifetime. At the Classic Edge, we believe it would irresponsible and wasteful to discard any piece of leather that posses a minor cosmetic fault. Instead of throwing away perfectly usable leather, we take extra care to ensure these blemishes are minimal, and in no way compromise the quality or functionality of the strop.

Overall length for D ring model, 25¾”

Stropping length for D ring model, 17 ½”

Handcrafted in Canada with USA Leather

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Pierre the diver
So good

This strop make life so easy. 3" of perfect leather hand crafted by Mr Ashcroft. Such a nice piece. Also, this is made here... one more good reason to buy one. Locally made by a great artist. Everything I bought from Classic Edge that was made by Mr. Ashcroft is always perfect. You will not be disappointed.