Böker Solingen

Boker King Cutter and Strop Set

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Easily in the top 3 best razors for the money, PERIOD. King Cutters are a dream to hone and give a shave that is closest to perfect as modern day razors get. For a Limited Time Offer, this duo set at a Special Price is the right choice! The Boker King Cutter Straight Razor is one of the most popular Straight Razor in the shaving world. Made by Boker Solingen in Germany, this Full Hollow Ground blade made with the best Swedish Steel, shaves like a dream. Matched with wear-resistant, durable black synthetic handle, they will last for years. This piece is made with a keen eye for each and every small detail. The popular shape of the razor is called "King Cutter," also known as a "Round point. You may see some websites stating it is a Spanish Point but this is incorrect. Hand-ground and assembled by Boker's expert craftsmen, the workmanship is truly something to cherish.

With any good quality razor, a strop is needed to keep your razor "Shave Ready", so we have included our NEW 3" Wide Corium Board Strop which is easily the best choice for your first strop as it is simple yet VERY effective way to strop your straight razor. By using a board strop, it takes the learning curve out of stropping. Everyone cuts or nicks their first strop when learning, which is why we recommend a less expensive option the first time through. Keep in mind that less expensive doesn't mean less quality. Made with the smoothest leather available with amazing feedback and it's the same high quality leather "The Professional" is made from.

COMPLIMENTARY GIFT: A very important addition to this set is the Travel Straight Razor Oil or Paraffin Oil, which should be used after every shave to protect your Carbon Steel Razor. Just a couple of drops per side is enough to cover the entire blade and tang. Remember to oil the pivot pin once a month to stop oxidation before it happens.

As a small family run business, we take great pride not only in our Customer Service but our Craftsmanship. What sets us apart from other shaving stores? Other vendors state that their razors are "Shave Ready" when in fact they are not. We professionally sharpen each razor with a progression of 3K to 12K followed by extremely low Micron abrasives like Iron Oxide, Chromium Oxide and Diamond. Imagine that you ask the store if they use Chromium Oxide and they answer "What is that?". Time to look elsewhere! Also included is a FREE follow up honing, now this is NOT a gimmick to sell razors...This is our way to get you to continue to use your razor, because if you continue to use your razor there is the future possibility that you will make purchases from us again. It's a mutual friendship and our job is to help you on your journey to becoming an experienced Straight Razor Shaver. Also remember our "No questions asked" return policy. At The Classic Edge you are what counts, because without you there would be no Classic Edge! Straight Razor orders are special compared to other orders, which is why we ask that you wait at least an extra 2 - 3 days for us to prepare your razor. This is not something you want rushed, as there are many more steps involved in making sure your razor is not only "Crazy Sharp" but also 100% Bacteria FREE! Would you rather buy from a store that ships out the same day and get a razor that was not sanitized and sharpened? Nothing is worse than receiving a Straight Razor as a gift and then finding out that you have to send it away to be sharpened for $30 plus shipping! We cannot thank you enough for visiting our online store and hope you have a wonderful day!

Customer Reviews

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Vince Constantine
First Straight Razor

I’ve wanted a straight razor for a few years now since I began using safety razors. Cannot be happier with my purchase, the quality is beautiful, the complimentary sharpening is immaculate, and the handwritten ‘thank you’ note was the cherry on top. Almost makes me want to start collecting straight razors, and honestly probably will! Happy New Year to you as well Phil, and the rest of Classic Edge!

Customer review

My very first straight razor and it shaves like a dream!

I have a bit of practice shaving with a shavette, but this is different and much smoother.

The whole package came with a hand-written note which makes the whole experience ordering from these guys even more enjoyable!

Very satisfied customer here and I'll be coming back for more.

Highly recommended!

Customer review

My wife surprised me with this on our anniversary, as I've been looking at using a straight razor for sometime now. This razor not only looks amazing, it performs amazing, much better than the 3 or 4 blade safety razors that are on the mass market. This blade is so sharp, you can hear it slicing and singing as it cuts through facial hair. I never thought I could get such a close shave with a single blade. I don't think I'm ever going back to safety razors again. The blade is beyond razor sharp. I now look forward to shaving, instead of it being that task that needs to be done. I found the strop very user friendly and is great for those just starting out using straight razors.

Customer review

Fantastic starter razor and beyond.

Ordered on a Wednesday and it shipped fast shave ready come Friday morning.

The unboxing was great! Very safely wrapped and the blade held much attention to detail.

I had a nice close shave shortly after unpacking, that blade is sharp!