Japanese Water Stones

In this section you will find synthetic and Natural Japanese Water Stone's that are all hand tested by Phil our in house Honemeister. Every stone will hone no less than 500 Straight Razors and 10 knives before being made available on our site. So no matter which you decide to buy it will be the top of it's class. Thank you so much for visiting our small family run business and remember that at The Classic Edge you are what matters, this website and business is all about you and insuring you are 100% satisfied with all your transactions, PERIOD! It is important that you understand that this business is owned by an Artisan who is not just hear to sell you stuff and hope you never ask questions. This is what makes us different from any other razor and knife store, we know these products inside and out and even do testing for manufacturers on new products before they hit the market. So shop with confidence and remember our "No questions asked" return policy!

P.S: If you have no way of lapping a stone give us a call. But keep in mind that 800 grit wet/dry sandpaper on glass or a very flat surface works wonders.