Kent Monster Beard Brush

The NEW Kent BRDS Monster Beard Brush features an ergonomic spherical handle and curved neck, making it ideal for brushing beards and mustaches. The head of the brush is what really sets The Monster apart from its smaller sibling, the Kent BRD2 Beard Brush. The narrow head from the smaller model has been replaced by a much larger beechwood oval design which is filled with long tufts of hand blended horsehair and nylon. This brush is the most comfortable it gets for facial hair grooming, styling and shaping. Big enough to move the hair in your beard with ease but handy enough to take with you whether you are traveling or on-the-go. A perfect gift for the men and can be used by people of all ages. Features a unique monster engraving on the backside of the wood that separates this brush from the competition. Comes with a cotton bag and gift box!

200 mm / 20 cm

Made in England by KENT