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Cigarol Wooden Leather Travel Humidor Kit (Brown or Black)


This absolutely beautiful humidor travel kit, lined with luxurious Spanish Cedar and featuring an extremely high-quality, soft leather wrapping on the outside, includes everything you need to take your favourite cigars with you wherever you go! Convenient and attractive, this kit will comfortably store and protect up to four of your prized cigars. 

The Spanish Cedar Lining featured in each humidor helps to properly maintain your cigar's humidity, so you can be sure that any cigar you decide to store in this incredible case will be properly taken care of.

This kit is ideal for travel; its size and lightweight nature making it perfect for taking your cigars any and everywhere. Each set includes a finished, solid stainless steel cigar cutter and punch, allowing you to cut cigars cleanly and with precision, even on the go!

Dimensions: 8" x 5" x 3"