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West Indies Soap

West Indies Soap "Le Savon des Antilles" Mint & Eucalyptus Moderate Exfoliation Outdoor Soap

West Indies Soap "Le Savon des Antilles"

The Outdoor Soap was especially created to be used after sport, gym, and beach. Refreshing and soothing thanks to the Mint and the Eycalyptus, which is also an antiseptic and a natural bug-repellent, which makes the Outdoor Soap also excellent for camping and outdoor activities. The Castor Oil moisturizes the skin and the Shea Butter nourishes it, keeps it from drying and protects it.First created in Guadeloupe, the West Indies Soap is renowned to be one of the best on the market. A real treat for your skin!

Pure Vegetable, Hypoallergenic, Anti- Bacteral & No dyes

147 g / 5.2 oz

Made in France