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Ultra Apothecary Shaving Mug

What is different between The Classic Edge Ultra Apothecary Mug and any other? Everything! Exclusive and only available at The Classic Edge, we had this Apothecary Mug Designed to meet all our high-quality Standards. It is Bigger, Better and produces a lather faster. The standard Apothecary sold anywhere has a mouth of 4 1/2" Outside Diameter. The Ultra Apothecary measures at 5 1/4". Why does it produce a faster lather than any other mug? When designed, we included special Ribs inside to act as friction ribs. So every time the brush runs over these ribs, Oxygen is introduced to the lather giving you a thicker foam at a much faster rate. Another improvement is the height. As the standard Apothecary is 3 1/4" high, we made ours 3" High along with the extra wide mouth which keeps your knuckles from banging into the sides and you can use the largest Brush in the industry and have room to spare. The standard Apothecary Diameter at the bottom is 2 1/4" inside diameter which just fits a small cake soap. The Ultra Apothecary bottom dimension is 2 3/4" inside diameter which fits most sizes of cake soaps. At the bottom are also more pronounced ribs that are raised higher to match the new sidewall ribs. Also heavier, this Apothecary Mug is a pleasure to work with, and when you hold it, you feel the quality of this Hand Made piece of Art. Made by an Artisan named Nathan Smallman in the U.K, we knew this product was worth the extra money than a copy mass produced in China. So if you believe in having the best, this is without question the best Apothecary available today. Thanks so much for visiting our website and have a wonderful day!

Soap Not Included (The soap in the picture is a Col. Conk Shaving soap used for an example.)

Diameter: 5 1/4"

Bottom Inside Diameter: 2 3/4

Height: 3"

Handmade in England

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