Taconic Shave Chrome Twin Blade Trac ll Compatible Razor

The Trac II system was the first cartridge razor system with more than one blade. Many still believe it is the best. Our Trac II compatible razor accepts Gillette’s Trac II blades or Personna’s Pivot Plus blades. It is the one that you thought wasn’t being made anymore! This is a solid metal razor that has that “heavy in the hand feel.” Both beautiful and economical, this combination delivers an extremely smooth and close shave. This razor accepts any standard twin blade cartridge that is Trac II compatible.

The cost of refills for this razor is much less than the 4 or 5 blade razor cartridges yet we believe the shave is smoother due to less pull from the increased razor weight.

Razor Type: Trac II Twin blade compatible – *Blades slide on and razor does NOT pivot*

Weight: 3.0 oz.

Length: 4.9 in.

Handle Material: Chrome plated all metal with ridges for grip

Directions to load a blade:

  1. Hold the dispenser so the chamber latches are at the top.
  2. Slide firmly until the cartridge clicks into a locked position.
  3. Slide and swing the handle up to remove cartridge.