Tabac Original

Tabac Original Shaving Cream

Tabac Original Shaving Cream produces a thick, indulgent lather to ensure as close, smooth and comfortable shave with no irritation. This is a tallow-based shaving cream which are harder to find these days. Tallow ensures a easy, enduring lather but also acts as a natural lubricant to improve razor glide which prevents small nicks and cuts. Tabac Original is a German classic with a nostalgic scent, which is a sophisticated mix of peppery-spicy notes that are rounded off by exotic wood notes, musk, ambergris and a floral complex.

How to use:

Product can be used in a a bowl or directly onto a brush. In a bowl, squeeze a large pea size amount of cream into the base of the bowl and take a wet (not soaking brush) and then work the cream. If it doesn't lather quickly simply add a 'touch' more water and keep working the cream. If there is not sufficient lather, simply add a little more water. Remember that less is more with both the cream and water. Alternatively, simply squeeze the cream directly onto the brush and work on a wet face. Great for when you are travelling!

About Tabac Original:

First launched in 1959, Tabac Original has remained one of the most successful men’s fragrance and grooming ranges in Germany and is a brand that men have trusted for generations. Over the decades the design of Tabac Original has been carefully updated several times, last time in April 2014, to capture the spirit of the times, while the bold logo and the amphora-shaped, opaque glass bottle have remained unchanged.

Weight: 3.4 oz (100 ml)

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Great product and great service from a very reputable vendor.

Ron Neumann
Classic SOTD

I purchased this cream to ensure I haven't compromised my shaving experience when I'm travelling.

Perfect for those times you don't have or, did not want to bring your lather bowl with you.

A very convenient, economical and must have in your Dopp bag.

There is no compromise here, you always get that same classic scent and feeling.

Highly recommend.

Alex M
A Timeless Classic Smell And Product

First off my Thanks to Classic Edge for the insight to carry the Tabac line of products. A classic product and smell. The smell reminds me of my father shaving and aftershave growing up in the 80's. Great memories, in a way its kinda like having him still with us. I highly recommend the products that Tabac makes. Fresh clean sent. Let's keep supporting Ontario Smaller Business during the Pandemic. Thank you Classic Edge always a pleasure to shop from. Stay Safe Everyone