Simpsons Special S1 Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Simpsons shaving brushes are filled with 100% badger hair which is sorted, dressed and sterilised by a London firm whose origins date back to the 16th Century. Badger hair has been used for more than two centuries to make the finest traditional English shaving brushes. This handmade Special S1 shaving brush has a long and functional handle and is densely filled with pure badger hair that has a soft darker creamy tip and is housed in a lathe-turned imitation ivory handle. Pure badger hair is flexible and have superior quality which will provide many years of faithful service as well as going a long way to helping you achieve the perfect shave. This brush will exfoliate the skin and lift and soften the beard prior to shaving.

About Simpsons Brushes:

Alexander Simpson started making shaving brushes in the East End of London in 1919. He soon built up the business and in 1924, moved to Clapham where he established an award-winning reputation for his shaving brushes. In 1941, following the loss of his factory in the blitz, Mr. Simpson moved his business to the West Country.

In 2008 Progress Vulfix purchased the company and continues the tradition of making the world's finest brushes entirely by hand, using the same techniques which have not changed since the firm was founded.

Overall Height: 90mm
Loft Length: 40mm
Knot Size: 19mm
Hair: Pure Badger

Handmade in England

Customer Reviews

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Need a little break in but I already like it ❤️ it’s my fist badger it’s different from a synthetic one !

Keith McKee
Great brush for a great price

I bought this brush seven years ago. I have it in my wash bag and travel with it. It is an excellent brush and a tremendous value. Simpsons are proudly UK owned.

Customer review

Pure can scratch like an ill tempered kitten, but will soften a wee bit with shampoo, conditioner, and use. It will never be soft nor floppy in a petite Simpson, however. Nevertheless, it can attack a hard puck and whip it into a proper lather. If you fancy the scritch and firmness of a smallish brush, look this one over. If you need a bit of pampering, pay a bit more for the Best Badger.