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Corium Strop/Combination Stone Honing Set (Extra Strop)

Included in this set is 3 of the most important additions to any straight razor honing routine, providing you with all of your must-haves in one convenient kit. Perfect for those new to the world of honing, or wanting to add to their already existing sharpening collection; we have specifically created this set to provide you with all of the basics, whether its your first time honing, or your first hundredth. 

Included in this set is two of our 3" Corium Leather Board Strop, an ideal first choice for those new to stropping, and an excellent finishing leather. Relatively inexpensive and easy to use, it can be used to learn for a low price, without the fear of damaging an expensive strop; and later, once you've nailed the art of stropping, these board strops (after being replaced with a higher end strop) are often repurposed exclusively for chromium oxide. We've included two corium strops in this set specifically so that you can use one for chromium oxide, and the other for your regular stropping routine. Even if you end up cutting one of your Corium Strops, the leather can be sanded down with 400-600 grit sandpaper. In that case, while it is no longer usable to strop, it is now perfect for abrasives. Although, after sanding, make sure to run a lint roller over the leather to remove any sand particles left behind. That is very important. 

A perfect companion to our corium strops, we have included a 2oz jar of our Chromium Oxide Paste. Used in combination with the small amount of heat and friction that naturally occur when stropping, the occasional use of Chromium Oxide is ideal when it comes to helping you achieve not only an extremely refined edge, but one that lasts. Done correctly, this abrasive can be used to keep your straight razor in that coveted, shave ready condition for as long as a year and a half; reducing what feels like the never-ending need to send your razor out for sharpening. 

For the sharpening stone, we have included the Naniwa 3000/8000 Grit Combination Water Stone, an excellent addition to any routine, as it provides two essential honing grits in one convenient stone. Naniwa Japanese water stones are hands down one of the best stones for sharpening a Straight Razor if not the best, we consider this stone a step up from the Norton 4000/8000. Not only are they ultra fast cutters, but Naniwa has taken this stone to the next level and has copied the feel of a natural water stone. Because of this, the feedback is like no other man-made stone on the market. One other important feature is that this water stone does not need to be soaked prior to honing like the Norton, just splash some water on the stone and you are ready to hone!! If you were to buy any one stone to hone your razors this is the one. It sets the bevel and polishes it in one stone! There is truly no better value on the market. Grit: 3000/8000