Proraso Pre-Post Conditioning Shave Cream Aloe & Vitamin E

For its habitual users, it holds a propitiatory role for the morning shave. The cream can be used before and after the shave to soothe and protect the skin. Enriched with Vitamin E to moisturize, Aloe Vera to calm and Licorice Extract to soothe dry, rough skin.

Proraso pre & aftershave prepares your skin surface for the ultimate smooth shave. Thus, creating and easier & faster shave making life just that little bit easier for the busy man. The smoothness of the shave has other benefits as well, less skin irritation and your razor will remain sharper longer.

Paraben free. Dermatologically tested.

100ml/3.6 oz

Made in Italy

Customer Reviews

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Just what I needed.

Great addition to my routine. No more getting caught up or getting razor burn in tough areas. I apply a toonie size amount to damp face and neck, massage around and apply shave cream over top. It has a light and pleasant scent and you get a good amount which will last a long time. Works perfect with my Henson al 13 razor and will be ordering from now on. Thanks again Classic Edge!

John Orsini
Great addition to my shaving routine.

I've never used a preshave before so this is a new addition to my shaving routine. This pre shave smells and feels terrific on your face and gets you ready for that close smooth shave. I used a Merkur 38c along with this pre shave. It seems that this pre shave does make the razor glide alot smoother over your face. Zero irritation from the razor and I believe this may actually keep your razors sharper alot longer. Thanks again Jane and Phil.