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Proraso Cologne, Wood & Spice

The Proraso Wood & Spice Cologne


The Proraso Wood & Spice Cologne is the signature finale of the treatment, which will escort the customer even after he has left the barbershop, prolonging the satisfaction, a lasting memory of the salon experience! The first activity performed by the cologne is typical of perfume: Hedonistic. The second one is to stimulate the heat regulation, lending freshness. The final effect is complete: sensory wellness and skin toning.


Wood & Spice Fragrance:A woody fragrance vaunting balsamic and spiced nuances. Top notes open with cumin and saffron within a few minutes before evolving into cedar and sandalwood. The persistent base consists of vanilla and rockrose.


How to Use:Apply a few sprays onto the palm of your hand and tap it lightly on your face. Do not spray the cologne directly onto your skin.


100ml / 3.4 Fl. OZ


Made in Italy