Parker Razors

Parker 12R Double Edge With Genuine Water Buffalo Horn Handle

The Parker 11R Double Edge Safety Razor combines a newly designed head with the opulence of a genuine horn handle. The long handle provides for excellent razor handling and weight. In addition to outstanding balance, the Parker head provides extremely smooth and comfortable shaves. The hand carved horn handle is durable, beautiful and functional. This is an impressive razor by any standard. It comes packaged in a luxurious presentation case. Treat yourself or someone special to a great razor!

Please Note: In the photo I have shown two different scale types of handles. This is to show you that no two set of handles are the same. All handles look completely different as they are natural horn and hand made.

About Parker:

Manufactured in India since 1973, Parker razors are known for their ornate handles and fine craftsmanship. Highly rated worldwide by wet shaving enthusiasts, Parker offers fine badger shaving brushes, razors and accessories with quality to match more expensive brands at a fraction of the cost.

*Comes w/ a FREE Complimentary Pack of Shark Blades!

Weight 2.75 oz / 80g

Length: 4 inches / 10cm

Made in India by Parker Razors