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Straight Razor Curved Stand by The Classic Edge

Contemporary and sleek, this Curved Stand for Straight Razors is modern in design and lean in accessibility. Compatible with all straight razors, you will no longer have to leave your razor on the counter or in a drawer. Allows the razor to lean at an angle so that it can dry efficiently. Great for displaying straight Razors too! A definite must have for all wet shavers! This razor stand fits most Straight Razors

Base Diameter: 2" (5 cm)

Height: 4" (10 cm)

Made By The Classic Edge

Customer Reviews

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Ron Neumann
Stand up and be counted

Purchased two of these stands for my newer straight razors.

Recently purchased a DOVO Barbarossa with the imitation tortoise shell and Spanish Point. Wanted to display it for visual aspect as well as maintenance. When keeping it in the coffin or drawer, the materials some times remove or soak up the oil for which you usually apply to keep the blade from pitting. The display stand allows you to keep it dry and apply the oil without any worry for removal until being used.

The other stand is for my first purchase of a Ralph Aust 6/8 Spanish Point. Great razor by a great artisan. Excellent combination to display and be proud of.

Looking forward to purchasing more stands at the great price Classic Edge offers them compared to other retailers.

Don't forget the personal note attached to your order by Phil and Jane. This is truly a company that cares, and takes the time for each and every customer.

I will always purchase my products from Classic Edge.

Customer review

Phil was nice enough to include this stand in one of my orders and I am happy that he did! It is a great way for displaying your razor over your sink. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have the razor out in the open to admire whenever they are in their bathroom. Thanks Phil!