Merkur Futur 701 Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor, Polished Chrome Plated

Whether matte or flashy chrome - the Merkur Futur 701 is a timeless work of art. After attaching a razor blade with the Duo Clip, a rotation on the handle is sufficient to precisely adjust the shaving angle and blade gap to your exact needs. All you need to get that perfect shave!

The Merkur Futur is manufactured using the zinc die-casting process. Here, a zinc alloy is pressed into a mold under high pressure. We chose this method because it creates instruments with maximum precision and refinement. The galvanic coating protects the safety razor from corrosion and gives it its unique appearance.

You can adjust the distance between blade and comb with a quick rotation of the handle. This way you can tune the thoroughness of the shave to your personal preference. For example, you can work long hair with a large blade gap, while the daily facial shave can be done with a gentle blade setting.

Dimensions: 5.2 cm x 2.6 cm x 11 cm

Made in Solingen, Germany

Customer Reviews

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Simply the peak of safety razors

I’ve had the classic 30$ Amazon razor and that is what introduced me to safety razors. I switched for the price but i also wanted to maybe learn to like shaving and have it be less of a chore but more of something i look forward to.

After using the cheap amazon razor i was quite satisfied and liked the feeling, it slowly overtime started to show its age and even though it worked fine i wanted to maybe try upgrading. I combed through reddit and other shaving forums to find something that isn’t insanely expensive but something that might rekindle that feeling of when i tried my first safety razor. It was between this or one of the Edwin Jagger models that was around the same price or a bit cheaper but i thought why not and splurged a little.

From the moment it arrived i cant even imagine using any other razor, the craftsmanship and materials used feel not only premium but beyond that. For such a small razor it has this beautiful weight but also balance i’ve never experienced before, it makes each stroke feel like the blade is softly gliding across my face. I have very thick hair and i find this razor paired with a Feather blade is the perfect shave.

Another reason i got this razor is because of the angle adjuster, with the old cheaper razor i found that even with such a sharp blade such as the Feather’s it still wasn’t a close enough shave. I use about a 6 on the adjuster and it is beyond perfect.

If your thinking of treating yourself, just buy it already.

Customer review

Best safety razor I have. If I knew I would have purchased this first instead of buying 4 before hand. Any new shavers save yourself the money and buy this first!