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Ashcroft Collection Balsa Board Strop

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Balsa Board Strops

There are many uses for Balsa Board Strops. Loading it with Chromium Oxide is one, and loading it with diamond slurry is another. Whichever you choose, this is an economical way to keep that straight razor at peak performance. Here at the Classic Edge we highly recommend using Chromium Oxide, Iron Oxide or Diamond slurry. Some may say that using Chromium Oxide on Balsa for your Straight Razor is an option, but we believe it is a NECESSITY. So after you are done honing your razor on a finishing stone like an 8K Naniwa or a 10 or 12K Naniwa you should do at least 10 passes on the Chromium Oxide to refine the edge to it's best potential. You will find out quickly that passing the Hanging Hair Test has just become 100% easier.

Dimensions: 3" x 10" or 76.2mm x 255mm

Made in the Canada

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