J.A Henckel

NOS J. A. Henckels 5/8 Twin Works 401 Platinum Straight Razor

Please note: With any Antique of such extreme rareness there is no returns.  Once the razor is honed or used it is no longer New Old Stock. As a small family run business we could not recover the cost. These type of Antiques are more for collectability and will gain value over time. But if you plan to shave with such a rare and irreplaceable piece of Art... Well all I can say is Good for you! Life is short, live it to the fullest.

This is a brand new (NOS) late 1940's Henckel Straight Razor. Expect the best shave a Straight Razor can give, a simple set of Faux Ivory Scales that are perfectly balanced to the blade, Henckels is know for producing some of the best Straight Razors ever made.  New Old Stock Genuine Henckels from this era are next to impossible to find in this condition.  The grease was removed and the razor was lightly polished to bring back that factory shine.  Made with Swedish Carbon Steel this is a true singing blade.

The original coffin box is in amazing condition, along with the certificate of warranty. Like any high-end collectible, we ask that you advise us on whether you would like the original factory edge, or made to be completely "Shave Ready" 

If you entrust to us this special privilege, like all other straight razors leaving the Classic Edge, we will take great care to ensure this edge is perfect in every way. 

Grind: Extra Full Hollow

Blade Width: 5/8

Point: Square

Metal: Carbon Steel

Handle: Faux Ivory

Country: Solingen, Germany

Year: 1945 - 1950

Brand: J. A. Henckels

Note: Made "Shave Ready" at no extra charge