Fatip L'lbrido Grande Gold Classic Safety Razor, Hybrid Comb

L’Ibrido Classic Gold stands out for its special bivalent head: on one side the open comb and on the other the closed comb. This head allows for broad shaving versatility for all beard types and lengths. L’Ibrido is offered with the classic large handle.


Total Length:87mm

Handle Length:78mm

Head Width:42mm

Made in Italy

Customer Reviews

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James R Rowan
Italian Design At An Affordable Price

Beautiful 3-piece gold finished safety razor with an open comb on one side & a gentle closed comb on the other side of its head.

As with other customers, if you look at the surfaces of the razor's finish, you can see some minute imperfections or "machining" marks, but they are also quite effectively coated by the razor's finish. After all, these razors are all hand machined by craftsmen in Italy. It does not affect the performance of the razor at all.

It takes quite a few turns to disassemble & reassemble the razor, but there is no wiggle, no loose threads etc. It is rock solid.

The razor is very comparable in size, shape and weight to the famous Merkur 34C HD. YouTube shaving personality, geofatboy gave this razor an aggressiveness rating of a 7 for the open comb side and a 3 on its closed comb side. Compared to his rating of a 5 aggressiveness rating for the Merkur 34C HD, I would say that his aggressiveness ratings are very applicable in comparing both razors.

As I have never used an open comb styled razor before, I let my beard growth grow in a few extra days before trying the Fatip "hybrid" razor. The Fatip website even suggests using a milder blade so I loaded it with a Russian made Astra Green blade.

I noticed the extra aggression right away and because of the unique open comb slats, it rinsed out quite easily. I also used shorter strokes with the open comb side. After I finished shaving, I ran a wetted alum block over my face and compared to my regular shaves, I definitely felt a bit more stinging all over. This simply means that the next time I use the Fatip open comb side of this hybrid razor, I only need to use the slightest of pressure.

Overall, Fatip has a beautiful line of razors... in many different appealing finishes... and for a very good & fair price compared to its competition.