NOS Gillette Tech Safety Razor w/ Super Blue Blades

        Gillette Tech, a simple clean shaver that had a long run in Gillette's line up for good reason.   Even as a Collectible today for this price, being as old as it is and in New Old Stock condition is cheaper than many modern day razors that range from $60 to $500.   I personally have test hundreds of models (enjoying every minute) with 90% not surpassing Gillette's safety razor line.  A great piece of history always worth adding to your collection. 

Please Note: There are no returns on Antiques. This is due to the age of the products and that they are more for collectability than for daily use. Selling these NOS products is difficult for many reasons, as I would buy 10 and be lucky to sell 4 in excellent condition, as many of these sealed products are covered in rust (or oxidized) and not restorable.  I do the work of making sure you only receive quality so you do not have to.