Niegeloh Solingen

Niegeloh Inox Heavy Duty Toenail Scissors Nipper

Niegeloh based out of Solingen, Germany, makes high-end manicure implements for men. Niegeloh, uses its place in the steel capital of the world to source only the finest metal and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to ensure their implements are second-to-none in quality while maintaining an attractive price point.

Niegeloh Inox Heavy Duty Toenail Scissors has perfect handling with an ergonomic design that fits comfortable in your hand. It is Anti-Allergic, nickel free, serializable and made of DIN 1.4034 high quality stainless steel Top Inox as used for surgical instruments. The toenail scissors combines the advantages of the sharpness of a pair of scissors along with less effort needed with a nipper. Can be easily used with the right and left hand.

11 cm / 4.3 inches

Made in Solingen, Germany