Naniwa Advance 12,000 Grit Sharpening Stone

The Naniwa Advance 12,000 Grit Sharpening Stones was originally the Naniwa Super Stones. These stones are resin bonded for fast cutting and ease. Unlike other stones, the Naniwa Super Stone does not need to be soaked. A simple splash of water over the surface of the stone will be sufficient.

The Naniwa Super Stones are able to handle any job, from repairing chips to touching up edges to their original sharpness. 

Note from Phil:   Naniwa stones are without question the only stone for sharpening/honing your straight razors.  There are many stones on the market that people talk about on Youtube and blogs. I have tested them all, minus the Chinese stones that everyone throws their name on that are not suitable for razors.  Please keep in mind that Ceramic stones are a nightmare for straight razors.  There is a difference between full ceramic stone like Shapton Glass and stones that have ceramic particles in the stone.  Full ceramic stones are baked, and pieces come off the stone in clumps of material that get in front of your edge and chip the blade, causing you to doubt your honing ability.  When ceramic abrasive is not baked and added to a binder with other abrasives and done correctly you get a stone that releases much smaller particles in a controlled manner which is called slurry. This is what you are looking for in a Straight Razor sharpening stone. This is the reason why we stopped selling Glass Shaptons in 2014. It's a shame that many vendors know this, yet keep selling them because of high profit.  Only you the client suffers because finding out they are basically a gimmick is difficult to do.  For those of you that have already purchased one, not all is lost.  You can still use them on knives that are more robust.  Make sure to use very light pressure as they crack easily once you get to the 3/4 of the thickness.

Dimensions: 210 x 70 x 10mm

Made in Japan