Dovo Merkur Futur 3-Piece Set, Satin Finish

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The 3-piece Futur set includes Merkur's preeminent, fully adjustable Futur safety razor, a Satin-finished, silvertip badger brush, and a matching stand. This set brings a progressive, dignified style to the bathroom with shaving essentials at the pinnacle of German engineering.

An excellent gift for those fine gentlemen! This set includes:

-The Futur Safety Razor which allows you to re-adjust the angle of the blade as needed to maintain the optimum shave. By twisting the upper part of the handle, you can find the setting that gives you the closest, most comfortable shave. The traditional safety shape is easy to hold and handle.

-Silvertip Shaving Brush by DOVO Solingen. The handle is also Satin Finish

-Safety Razor and Brush Stand by DOVO Solingen

Made by DOVO in Solingen, Germany