Merkur 4005 Safety Razor Stand (Satin Chrome)

The round Razor stand MERKUR 4005 brings order and decoration in the bathroom. The round form and the hole in the middle give the Product the nickname “Donut stand”. The diameter 11.3mm in the middle fits MERKUR models such as 22C. A rubber ring is inserted on the underside to protect the base and prevent slipping.
The 40mm diameter and weight of the solid stand provide stable support for the Mattchrom Model 22C.


  • Razor stand for Razor 15C
  • 33C
  • 23C
  • 24C
  • 25C
  • Honourably Designed and Made in Germany


  • Material surface: matt chrome
  • Product measurements: 1.5" Diameter x 0.75" Height

Stand made of brass, surfaces electroplated in bright chrome. Base made of nitrile rubber

Made in Solingen, Germany