Merkur 4005 Safety Razor Stand (Bright Chrome)

The MERKUR 4005 is a high-gloss chrome-plated stand for MERKUR Razors like 15C, 33C, 23001, 25C and 24001. It creates order in the bathroom and presents your DE razor.

The diameter 40mm and the weight of the massive Stand offer a stable hold for the models 15C, 23001, 25C, 24001 and 33C.

Fits for MERKUR Razors 15, 23001 24001, 25, 33. Honourably Designed and Made in Germany.


  • Material surface: Bright chrome
  • Product measurements: 1.5" Diameter x 0.75" Height

Brass, surfaces bright chrome electroplated, Nitril Rubber ring underneath to protect surfaces.

Made in Solingen, Germany