Kent Aqua Shampoo and Scalp Massage Brush in Blue

The perfect brush for distributing shampoo and conditioner through your hair. It also stimulates the scalp and hair shaft, making hair feel fuller.

The Kent Aqua Shampoo and Scalp Brush are ideal for daily showers. Designed with the finest bristles and timbers from around the world, quality is assured. These brushes are made with gel to stimulate the scalp for proper hair growth and to spread shampoo and conditioner evenly throughout. They can be sold with shower gels and other brushes for an invigorating grooming experience.

Kent possesses an abundant history that dates back to 1777. Known for the finest bristles, Kent sources the finest materials from around the world. 

  • Made with gel to stimulate the scalp for proper hair growth.
  • Spread Shampoo and Conditioner Properly.
  • The flexible bristles.
  • Comes in 4 beautiful colors.

Made in the United Kingdom