Kent Aqua NB3 Beech Wood Pure Bristle Nail Brush

The Kent NB3 Nail Brush is made from beech wood with a pure stiff white bristle. It also has a row of bristle on the back. Kent bristle nail brushes provide the easiest and most effective way of washing hands thoroughly. Reaching under nails and between fingers the natural bristle removes accumulated germs and dirt. Natural bristle gently protects nails and cuticles without scratching.

About Kent:

Since 1777 GB Kent has been famous for making beautiful traditional hairbrushes in England. Today nothing has changed. Quality, innovative design, and attention to detail are the attributes of ll Kent ranges. Kent believes that brushing with natural bristle is the kindest and most beautiful way to look after your hair; keeping the scalp feeling healthy and hair looking luxurious, shiny and energized.

Handcrafted in England by KENT