Kent INF3 "Infinity" Plus Super Soft Silvertex Synthetic Brush

The Infinity Plus Kent shaving brush has super soft Silvertex which is a specially developed fully synthetic material to offer the ultimate lathering experience, crucial for the perfect wet shave.

The nylon bristles have been crimped to emulate real badger bristle. This allows for the perfect amount of water to be retained in the brush head thus allowing a good lather to build up.

The Infinity Plus shaving brush provides an alternative to those who prefer not to use a natural bristle or badger bristle shaving brush.

The soft bristles are great for sensitive skin.

Care Advice 

Rinse suds off in lukewarm water. Gently shake off excess water.

Ideally stored, bristle down on a shaving brush stand. Alternately, store upright, away from direct heat and sunlight. 


Overall length 105mm / 4.1"
Width at base of knot 22mm / 0.87"

Please note there will be a small level of tolerance within these dimensions.

Made in England