Herold Solingen

Herold Adjustable Leather Strop w/Red Paste

Video: How to Strop a Straight Razor

Made from the finest Russian leather, this beautiful two-sided adjustable abrasive strop with black wood handle is the perfect strop for sharpening your straight razors. One sided is coated with red sharpening paste. Overall length 13 3/8". Usable length approximately 7", width 1 1/2".  

Note from Phil:  I recommend you pull out a measuring tape and look at 7 inches. This strop is small, so make sure that is the size you will be Ok with.  Many people get the strop and think "Holy Cow that's smaller than I thought!" But due to the quality and workmanship we have never had one returned. I still have my first one from 2004.

Made in Germany