Ashcroft Collection

Handmade Walnut Custom Straight Razor Stropping Box

Introducing the newest handmade razor box from the Ashcroft Collection! Each box with it's own personality and character, these boxes are made with 100% solid walnut wood.

Featuring a bridle leather strop on the top of the box, and a felt inlay at the bottom (the colour of felt may very as each box is truly unique). Fully customizable, each of these gorgeous boxes include two foam inserts, meant to be cut and hollowed out to fit your personal straight razor collection!

At The Classic Edge we believe in making beautiful pieces of Art available to our clients, and this is no exception. Like everything we sell we have a "No questions asked" return policy. That means just that, we will take it back PERIOD. Now we will ask some questions (Hmm not so question free huh Phil?), and the reason is this, if any product we sell has more than 3 bad reviews, we start to question the Quality, which means that we will no longer make this product available no matter what the demand will be. There are many Straight Razors for example which our competitors sell that we will not. There are also many Strops we will not carry no matter what the forums might say about them. So know that whatever you buy from us not only is used by us but promoted by us. I cannot say this enough times, it's all about your satisfaction and making sure you want to deal with us again time after time. Thank you so much for visiting our online store and we hope you have a wonderful day!

Full Box Dimensions: 3.5" x 9.5" x 2"

Strop Dimensions: 9" x 3"

Foam Insert Dimensions: 8.75" x 2.75"

Handmade in Canada by Mr. Ashcroft