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Handmade 7 Day Straight Razor Box

I have been wanting to make this 7 day razor box available to my clients for some time now.  I believe in using local Artisans from North America as often as possible to help boost our economy. Not only do you get better workmanship, you get Artisans that pour their hearts into a piece of Art that gives you an outstanding irreplaceable product you will have for many years.

This box will take any of your Straight Razors minus any crazy customs with an extra long monkey tail. We have put every style of Antique and New Straight razors in this box to insure they all fit. This box is made with Solid Walnut and is fit to perfection.

 When you first open the shipping container you will find a document from the Artist that will explain how to take care of your one of a kind 7 day box. Take the time to examine the attention to detail and how well this box is fit up, we promise you will be amazed.  At The Classic Edge we believe in making the best possible products available to our clients, but most importantly that you are 100% satisfied with our "No Questions Asked" return policy. You are the reason we have become so successful, and without you there would be no Classic Edge. Always remember that as a small family run business we are here for you and are proud of having the best customer service on the world wide web. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our online store and we hope you have a wonderful day!

Note: There are no Straight Razors included in this box or any other products seen in the photographs.

Made in Canada

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