Parker Razors

Genuine Ox Horn Palm Lathering Bowl

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Parker Safety Razor's handcrafted genuine ox horn palm bowl is designed to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand. Makes lathering while you shave a breeze. This polished bowl is the perfect size for mixing your shaving cream or soap with a quality shave brush. Each bowl has a beautiful uniqueness due to its natural variations in color. Note that some bowls will have more color variations than others due to the natural horn source. Add some luxury to your everyday shave experience!


  • Handcrafted genuine Ox horn lathering shave bowl
  • Beautifully polished to ensure a durable finish
  • Natural horn variations will create a unique bowl with differing shape and color
  • Fits perfectly into your palm - makes lathering your shave soap or cream a breeze
  • Bowl is approximately 5"w x 2" h
  • Made in India