eShave Shaving Cream


There are many awards and Articles for Eshave Products, but that means nothing to be honest. What matters was that I tested this product and was completely blown away by the scent and how much it helps the blade run smoothly across my face. Clients have asked me over and over to make this available starting a year ago and I promised them I would make it available as we cannot buy everything at once. Well after some serious wait time it is finally here and I cannot say enough about this product! For me it is ultra important that I get a strong thick lather quickly as I don't have all day for it to build up. With this soap it is super fast and I cannot get over the scents available, they are all smooth and not too aggressive.

Award winning êShave Shaving Cream is your main ingredient to your perfect shave every day! This shave cream will:

- Open your pores, soften your hair and protect your skin

- Generate a rich, creamy and warm lather

- Eliminate shaving irritation

êShave Shaving Cream is suitable for all skin types. This shaving cream is water activated and should be applied with our badger shaving brush (highly recommended) or with your finger tips.

Shaving Cream Benefits: Hydrate and protect your skin so it's ready for a close shave, without any unwanted discomfort.

How to Use:

Apply only dab of eshave Shaving cream on your face using your fingers or a Badger Hair Shaving Brush.

Use warm water to obtain better results. To generate more lather, add more water.

As you apply the cream, it raises the hair away from your skin to prepare for a closer shave.

Product Tip: A 4 oz. jar of êShave Cream can last 4-6 months when used with a brush.

Shave Tip: A Shaving Brush will allow you to use less product than applying the cream to your skin with fingers alone. It also generates a rich lather !

4 oz / 120 g

Made in U.S.A.