Clubman Hair Tonic


Clubman Hair Tonic is the perfect solution for healthy hair. This unique formula increases surface stimulation of scalp, helping to remove loose dandruff while invigorating the scalp.

World famous since 1810! It is refreshing not to oily for the hair. You can splash it in you hair and apply pomade to it. It gives you a wet-slick look with great shine. To use, apply directly to the palms of the hands, rub together and apply directly to the scalp. Massage into scalp to help remove light, flaky dandruff. May be used as often as desired.

Eau De Quinine Scent Profile: Strong Masculine Spice, Musk (note: not recommended for lighter hair)

Eau De Portugal Scent Profile: Refreshing citrus fragrance from lemons of Portugal. 

Pinaud Greaseless Scent Profile: The clean, refreshing scent of the original clubman hair tonic, calls to mind the classic barbershop. 

370 ml / 12.5 fl oz

Made in U.S.A.