Dovo Synthetic Silvertip Fibre Ebony Handle Shaving Brush

Crafted using synthetic bristles and completely free of animal products, this brush is perfect for vegans. At 67 grams, it is one of our medium-heavy products. Thanks to the fine ebony wood, this shaving brush becomes a necessity in your shaving routine.

This shaving brush made of a synthetic fibre hair is made so well you’ll believe it was made of real hair! Easily use it to whip up a creamy lather and apply it very gently to your skin. Treat it like a natural fibre hair brush. Just wash it out after shaving and let it dry. Perfect for vegans!

The handle is made of Ebony which is one of the most valuable woods on earth. It is extremely hard and heavy. Therefore, it is perfect for the production of a high-quality handle. Its structure allows the wood to retain its shape even in humid environments and prevents swelling of the material. Several grind cycles are necessary to create the silky smooth surface.

Hair Type: Synthetic Hair

Dimensions: 3.7 cm x 3.7 cm x 11.2 cm

Made in Solingen, Germany