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Dovo Prima Steel 5/8 Straight Razor

Dovo Straight Razor

Why purchase your Straight Razor from The Classic Edge? No other shaving store supplies you with a Straight Razor that is professionally sharpened to "Shave Ready" at no extra charge along with a follow up honing. This alone is a $70 value included with your razor. The Dovo Prima Silver Steel is one of the better value's available from Dovo of Solingen. Made with Dovo's high grade Swedish Steel, this Full Hollow Ground blade will give you a shave that will feel effortless and smooth. What really catches the eye is the Gold Wash on the spine, along with a beautiful etching on the blade. Scales made with Ebony Wood are the perfect touch and balance. 

For those new to Straight Razor Shaving we always recommend to use Straight Razor Oil with your Carbon Steel razor as they are susceptible to oxidizing/rusting if not dried after each shave and oiled. With any Straight Razor you need a good quality Strop to keep your edge sharp, and for that we recommend our 3" Corium Strop.
When you receive your Straight Razor from The Classic Edge there are some things to keep in mind. As soon as you open the box, we recommend highly that you do NOT strop your Straight Razor. Just take it out of the box and run some hot tap water over the blade to remove some of the oil, then dry your razor with toilet paper careful to not touch the edge. Now your razor is ready to shave. What not to do! Do not test the sharpness of a Straight Razor by touching the edge with your finger! Why? A Straight Razor is a fine instrument which can be dulled quite easily. They are meant only to shave with and cutting paper or testing the edge is a quick way to dull the razor. If you have never honed a razor before we recommend you get us to hone it for you. But if you do want to learn you may choose to buy a cheap practice razor from an Antique Store or a Gold Dollar Straight Razor. The last thing you want to do is ruin this beautiful piece of Art.

Keep in mind that learning to use a Straight Razor can take some getting used to and is not something you get off the first try, so expect a little of a learning curve and know that your skin takes time to adjust to a single blade. Technique is also something that comes with time. So just start with your cheeks at first and every shave add a little more real estate and eventually you will get it! 

Metal: Carbon Steel

Point: Round Point

Scales: Ebony Wood

Country: Solingen, Germany