Dovo 43 Beard and Moustache Stainless Steel Scissors

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The DOVO 43 beard and moustache scissors in matt-finished stainless steel are the perfect tool to get your beard back in shape! The blade length is deliberately kept short for easy handling and precise cuts. Due to the micro serration every beard hair is grasped and cut off cleanly. Features flush-grinded scissor tips.

Carrying the famous 'Dovo Solingen Germany' logo, these superbly manufactured scissors are made by craftsmen who are the leading experts their trade at an international level. If you look after these scissors properly, they will provide a lifetime of use. 

Overall Length: 4.5"

Grind: DOVO hand-ground, micro serrated

Metal: Matted Stainless Steel 1.4034

Made in Solingen, Germany