Dovo Hanging Strop XL

The DOVO XL razor strop is used to sharpen the edge of your razor before each shave. First, you tighten the strop. Then you pull the straight razor along the strop on each side of the blade without putting pressure on it. You can also hang the strop. It maximizes space because you can roll it up and stow it at home.

For all strops from Dovo exclusively use vegetable-tanned cow leather. This technique, also known as "old tanning", prepares the leather for optimal use as a strop. We treat our leather this way to ensure that it has no scarring or unevenness making it perfectly suited for stropping straight razors with its supple surface.

Dimensions: 30.5 cm x 7.8 cm x 0.3 cm

Materials: Vegetable Tanned Cow leather and Nickel-Plated Metal

Made in Solingen, Germany