Dovo 16 Stainless Steel Hair Scissors

With the 6.0 inch DOVO hair scissors in stainless steel, you always have your hairstyle under control. Our scissors cope with thick hair and split ends with ease. Thanks to the even weight balance and micro-serration, the days of slipping and plucking are over. The finger hook gives the scissors maximum ergonomics so that even long cuts are a pleasure. 

For hair and beard scissors, the construction with flush-ground scissor tips has proven to be particularly advantageous. The scissor points are flattened rather than pointed at the front. This minimizes the risk of injury and is recommended when using scissors in the facial area.

Overall Length: 6.7"

Grind: DOVO hand-ground, micro serrated

Metal: Matted Stainless Steel 1.4034

Made in Solingen, Germany