Dovo 5/8 Natural Cow Horn Replacement Scales w/ Pin White & Blond

These are the same beautiful Horn scales found on the Dovo Bergischer Lowe. They can be used as replacement Scales for your present Dovo Straight Razor or upgrade from your lower end scales. Note that the holes are pre-drilled to help out anyone new to restoration. This size of handle is standard for a 5/8" blade and fit some 6/8 blades as well. Each handle includes one pin and a washer for fitting up the scales to your blade.

*Please Note No two Scales are alike as these Horn Scales are all Natural. We have tried to separate the colours the best we can. These Horn Scales have White with Blondish and Brown Colour.

Approx. 5.5" in length

Made in Germany by DOVO Solingen