Dapper Dan

Dapper Dan Vegetable Soap

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Lathering skin with the right soap is a pure luxury, which is why Dapper Dan has taken their expertise in making hair products and channeled it towards making this remarkable organic soap.

The soothing sandalwood fragrance draws inspiration from classic gentlemen's products without carrying an overbearing scent. It also features vintage packaging that bears the rustic charm that gentlemen crave without compromising authentic quality. Proudly made in England.

190 g

About Dapper Dan

Dapper Dan was founded in Sheffield, England in 2011; born of frustration with the less than adequate products available to gentlemen to fulfil their styling needs. Dapper Dan products were developed over a ten-year period by professionals in the trade, determined to create a unique and compact styling range. In 2012, Dapper Dan Matt Paste was launched and quickly became the most versatile matt styler we had ever experienced. In 2014 Dapper Dan added a Deluxe Pomade and a Matt Clay to the range. Dapper Dan firmly believes that with 3 well selected and painstakingly developed products, there is no styling requirement that can not be met.